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Folding Electric Bike

You have a lot of big plans for hitting the bike path every day, but only a little bit of space. Or maybe you're looking for an easy bike to bring along on road trips or RV expeditions. Either way, fast and easy folding is key. The original intention of the folding-style design is to provide a great convenience for commute and travel. Therefore, lighter weight, faster but the firm folding structure and better pedaling experience is our main consideration when designing a folding electric bike. You will find these three main features on all our folding electric bikes. Based on this foundation, you will find more design highlights on different models, which could fit different needs of yours.

Electric Mountain Bike

One of the most obvious bonuses of an electric mountain bike is the added comfort that comes along with it. Most electric mountain bikes will use fat tires, and fat tires are normally made of thicker elastic rubber, providing extra shock and vibration absorption. Thanks to the abundance of rubber and elasticity, punctures are far less frequent than they are on a bicycle with regular, thin tires. No more worry about the tough gravel and other road hazards. Fat tires provide versatility when it comes to the types of terrain that you and your eBike can take on, that is why we include fat tires on both our M series and T series.

Electric Cargo Bike

It doesn't matter if you're hauling kids across town or hauling hardware for a weekend project, you want an ebike that gets the job done. Electric cargo bike can be used to carry goods, kids and adults.  Whether you’re in it for the long haul or just running to the grocery store, being comfortable is an important variable in enjoying your ride. It’s also important that the cargo e-bike is efficient so that you don’t have to overwork yourself to get from point A to point B. Considering it needs to carry more weight, a good electric cargo bike also need to created a good median of power and balance, which is the feature you will see on Fiido T1, and so many other great feature.

Long Range Electric Bike

The trick of choosing a long-range e-bike: You’ve got to balance your distance needs with practicality and budget. Generally speaking, the range is most determined by the size and power of the electric battery and motor. But there are factors that determine the range of an eBike, including the weight of the rider, terrain (flat road versus hills), tire pressure, amount of baggage that you carry, wind conditions, level of assistance that you choose, battery, motor, etc. Normally, the pedal-assisted mode will provide a longer range than the throttle mode. You may wanna check out L3 or T1, to find out the long-range electric bike for your own needs.