Recall Arrangement of Fiido X

As of April 18, 2022, Fiido X recall reservation service is officially started. For all X users, please review the user protection plan as below, for the preferred exchange plan based on your needs. Please notice that, booking the free collection service for sending back the seat clamp and lug first, before choosing the exchange product, is needed. If there's any questions or doubts with the recall arrangement, please do not hesitate to contact Thank you for your support and understanding.

User Protection Plan 

 01. For users from IGG and Fiido website 

Replacement Options

Replaced Product

Shipping Date


A. A new upgraded Fiido X

User will receive a update Fiido X(without seatpost battery and seat)

Upgraded Fiido X

It is estimated all the referred Fiido X will be ship out from the factory during June,25 2022 to July,10 2022.

B. An equal value Fiido E-bike

User could exchange for an equal value Fiido E-bike

For IGG Backer order amount below $1099 

 → free replacement of D11 / M1pro OR exchange to D21 by sending back the battery of old X by own expense

The shipment of the first batch from the factory will be arranged since June 1, 2022

For IGG Backer order amount of $1299 

 → free replacement of D21 OR exchange to M21 by sending back the battery of old X by own expense

For order amount of $1599

→ free replacement of T1

C. For EU&US region, replace Fiido Ebike which are in stock + refund the difference

For users urgent for the bike, current models in overseas warehouses are available to choose.

L3 / D3Pro

The shipment from overseas warehouses will be arranged since April 25, 2022

1. We will provide all customers with free replacement according to the above product protection plan, all users are required to send back the seat clamp and lug of Fiido X, and fill in the tracking number on appointment page, to join the user protection plan. According to personal needs, every user can choose one replacement plan from the above replacement schemes to make an appointment. 
2. All replacement will enjoy a new warranty period from the date of delivery. For details, please consult 
3. The updated Fiido X frame will come with an additional three-year warranty.

02. For user who purchased Fiido X from distributor

Please contact local authorized distributor or mail to: for more details of recall. 

How To Recall?

All users who received our recall email could make an appointment for free collection service following the step 1 and step 2 as below.
Please notice that, step 3 can only be processed after the waybill is provided, please complete the step 2 first and collect the waybill from the deliveryman first.

- 01 -

Please remove the seat clamp and lug by following the below video instruction.

For users who have not received the products, please skip this step and make an appointment for product replacement directly, without booking a free collection service.
How to Remove?

- 02 -

Booking a free collection service.

Make an appointment for a free collection service, send seat clamp and lug back to Fiido's designated address.

 Make an Appointment to Recycling → 

- 03 -

Make an appointment for product replacement.

According to individual needs, choose one of the three replacement options to make an appointment. Choose Replacement Options →

+ Free collection appointment will close by May 20, 2022.
+ All the renewal or replacement must be submitted before May 31, 2022.
Recall only requires the seat clamp and lug removed from the effected Fiido X to be sent to Fiido’s required address. This is to prevent the old version of Fiido X from being used again in the future, result in secondary security risks.

Meanwhile, please reserve the seatpost battery for subsequent installation on the upgraded version of Fiido X. For efficient use of resources and environmental protection, users could store the remaining items as spare repair parts.
Step by Step to Disassemble

Please remove the seat clamp and lug by following the video instruction, if there's any questions or doubts with removing, please do not hesitate to contact

Upgrade plan for Fiido X frame V2

As of April 12, 2022, Fiido officially started the mold proofing and testing work based on the Fiido X frame upgrade program. The specific schedule is as follows:

- Product verification / Expected completion date: April 26, 2022, release the test report. (If the test is passed, the following work schedule will be promoted as plan; If the test fails, the following work schedule will be postponed for 15 days.)

- Mass Production / Estimated start time: April 27, 2022

- First shipment / Estimated shipping date: June 25, 2022


Q1: What should I do now?

According to the step 1, please remove the seat clamp and lugs of the old X first. Then move to the step 2 to book the free collection service to send back the seat clamp and lugs ( no shipping cost needed). After the delivery man come and recover these two parts, there will be an waybill number for you to enter the step 3, and you are welcome to choose the replacement based on personal needs.

Q2: What is the waybill number? Is it the same as the tracking number of my order for X?

Please notice that, waybill number IS NOT tracking number of the past order! Waybill number is the info which the deliveryman will provide after picking up the package (seat clamp and lugs), it will be offered after step 2 and the pickup is complete.

Q3: What is the order number? 

For IGG users, order number means the contribution ID. For users from Fiido website, order number is the number on the order page. For user who purchase from the original owner, please contact the original owner for order number.

Q4: I’m Canadian user who hasn’t received the bike yet, what should I do?

For Canadian user, please skip the free collection of step 2, and move to the replacement of step 3. When you input the order number, the system will identify your order as a Canadian order and automatically redirect you to the replacement option page. Please notice, if you would like to choose the option 1 to get a upgrade Fiido X, the Fiido X V2 which will be sent to you with be with both seat and battery, we will especially mark it on your reservation, please rest assured.

Q5: I’ve booked the free collection, can I choose the replacement now?

A: Please don’t rush. After booking the free collection, we will arrange the pick up based on the pickup information and pickup date that you provided, after the delivery man pick up the package, there will be a waybill number for you. When you have the waybill number, that is the time to move to step 3 and choose the replacement. ( Please notice that, the waybill number is required for successfully choosing the replacement)

Q6: Where can I find the frame number?

A: The frame number is under the frame, it's a 15-digit number which start with “5779221”, please notice.

Q7: I’v imputed the old tracking number and finish choosing the replacement, what should I do now?

A: Please don’t worry, we will review and remove invalid tracking numbers. You are welcome to choose the replacement again, after the delivery man picking up the package and provide the waybill number.

Q8: I’m out for business / out of town, and can’t remove those two parts and send back before the expiration date, what should I do?

Please contact for it, while providing the order number, we will record the situation at once and provide you the specific solution.

Q9: How to remove those two parts?

Please kindly see the video instruction on the page, simply using a 5mm Allen wrench, No. 19 wrench and a 2.5mm Hex wrench could complete the removing.

Q10: I can’t remove the part, what should I do?

If there’s any questions with removing the part, please do not hesitate to contact, we will assist you with it right away.

Q11: I bought the bike from the original IGG user, what should I do?

Please contact the original IGG user for order number and order information, so that you could move to step 2 and book a free collection.

Q12: I bought the bike from an local distributor, what should I do?

Please contact the local distributor or mail to for the specific arrangement of the recall and replacement.

Q13: Why in a hurry to ask those two parts back?

Considering the safety risk of the frame of X, the recall of old version of X is necessary, to ensure the old version of X won’t be used again and avoid any similar incident. We understand that everyone have a urgent needs of using the bike. The upgrade and test for the frame of Fiido X V2, and the preparation work for other replacement has been started along with the start of the recall, these works was synchronized with the recall, please rest assured.

Q14: My bike is in a good condition with no issue, does it still need to recall?

Yes, all X which purchased before April 1, 2022 need to be recalled. Although you may not found any issue with the frame, still we would like to urge you to stop using X for now, and book the free collection service asap. You are more than welcome to choose the corresponding option from the user protection plan.