FIIDO D11 Folding Sport Electric Bike

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Take time to adapt

Take time to learn how the D11 works best for you under various conditions, and I think it will please you. Want a moderate workout on level pavement? Try a boost of 2 and gear 6. Trying to keep it together on a twisty single track? A boost of 1 and gear 3 should keep you going even in damp dirt. Tired and wanna get home? Use top gear, hold down the throttle for 6 seconds and release it to go 15 mph for 20-some miles on a full charge with decent pavement. Your weight plays a factor given the modest power of this e-bike. Learn to keep the knurled knobs on the handlebar gripper and the seat slide tightener very tight, as tight as you can make them even if you have to use pliers, or your bar soon starts flopping around and your riding position becomes ridiculously low. And Hey, Fiido, thanks for the unexpected fenders, but give us some instructions on how to attach them!

very nice bike and great service and delivery

I just ordered the Fiibo D11. It only took +/- 7 days before i got it. Now a couple days further and using the bike daily, i can only say, If you are thinking about buying one, Stop thinking and order it. You won't be dissapointed.

Not so happy

Cover of battery, just under seat is wobbly and controller box is improperly made and water may come in contact with electronics in the box... I can provide you with pictures. I would also like if you could solve this issues.


Attractive & Stylish Look

The unique electric bicycle aesthetics that FIIDO endows D11 truly achieves the perfect balance
between form and function.

Specially Designed Battery

The battery is concealed in seat tube, making it nearly tantamount to an ordinary bicycle at first glance, nevertheless, the range can still reach 100KM under the electric moped mode despite being so compact. Furthermore, the battery is removable meaning that you may get it powered anywhere at any time.

Praiseworthy Body Structure

The concise design with integrated seatpost that contains battery and taillight, reducing the quantity of components and improving efficiency to the full extent. In addition to the utilization of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy frame, the layout of the model conforms to the ergonomic design specifications, presenting comfortable riding experience with height-adjustable leather seat and the light self-weight of 12.9kg only. 

250W High-Efficiency Motor

The 35nm 250W brushless geared motor hidden in the 20-inch rear wheel provides tremendous power even in compact size and light weight, which is the reason why it can easily overcome rugged and steep roads with extremely low energy consumption.

Variable Speed System

The variable 7-speed system as well as the clear LCD display interpret the brand-new sports attributes of FIIDO D11, allowing users to ride effortlessly at constant or adjustable speed, consequently, finding their personalized riding style and fully enjoy the magnificent scenery during cycling.


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Details & parts

Voltage:36V Battery 11.6Ah
Charging time:7 hours
Moped mode range:80-100km
Max speed:25km/h
Working temperature: -10~50°C
Frame material:Aluminium alloy
Color:Sky bule
Max load:120kg
Net weight 17.5kg(with battery)
Tire size:20*1.75 inch
Ebike size:148cm*57cm*110cm
Folding size:80cm*40cm*74cm


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TechTablets Says

"The best 20" foldable eBike I've tested with a removable large battery, built-in lights, lightweight frame, cool modern frame design, and up to 100Km range with its 250W assist motor. Max speed is 25km/h." Says

"I’m definitely a fan of the Fiido D11. Fiido did a great job with the design and was able to create something unique and eye-catching.The bike of course isn’t perfect, but I can live with its few small downsides if that means having a lightweight, decently powerful, and convenient e-bike that looks as good as it works."

Premises187 Says

"I've owned the D11 for two weeks and I've had fun putting 60 miles on it. It's time to talk. The Fiido D11 is one of the lightest ebikes while also boasting a massive 100km range battery. It's super compact when folded."