Fiido X Folding Electric Bike

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Fiido X Folding Electric Bike with Torque Sensor for Commuters
Model: 350W
Country/Region: US
Sale price$1,799
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Free Accessories Included
Fiido X Electric Bike Fenders
Fiido X Electric Bike Fenders
Fiido X Electric Bike Kickstand
Fiido X Electric Bike Kickstand

Fiido X is Evolving

Born to evolve for users.
Check out how it has evolved over a year.

New functions 1. A New PAS0 (Zero power-assistance) mode for smooth riding
2. An upgraded pass-code security system to include a power saving mode
Modified Parts 1. An upgraded meter to enable MPH and KPH and to include improved brightness and odometer
2. A full Shimano 7 speed shifter
3. Upgraded fenders made of PP for better durability.
4. Upgraded magnetic folding units for better reliability and convenience
Riding Experience 1. +15° stem angle. Ride with more comfort
2. Adjusted algorithm for torque system. More range provided for gear 1
3. A Derailleur hanger included for protection
4. A softer and finer saddle for more comfort
Upgraded Frame 1. +20% frame strength
2. Better cable protection – 60% damage risk
3. Improved folding clamp. Easier to use and save 3 seconds folding time
Award-winning Design, Stand out from the Herd
Ever feel the need to get on a ride stress-free? The Fiido X is the answer. An eye-catcher with a minimalist vibe, Fiido X takes you through the streets with style and powers your climb with no noise. Best companion for your daily commutes and light adventures.
Healthy Exercises Empowered by Torque Sensor
New to electric bikes? No problem. Equipped with the modern torque sensor that measures if and how hard you are pedaling, Fiido X brings a much more intuitive riding experience to electric bike riders, saving you the worry of learning how to use a throttle and the jerky moves associated with a cadence sensor. You still get the exercise you need, hassle-free. Plus, no stress over local regulations on having a throttle.
Ready to Ride with a No-brainer Setup
Easy assembly with just the pedals to screw in, you can get on your ride within 5 minutes of unboxing it.
Removable Battery with a Long Range
The patented battery boasts a whopping 130 km (80.7 miles) range per charge, more than enough for any daily commutes. With easy removal and a sleek look, it frees you from any battery-related concerns.
Greater Folding Frame
The signature clean-looking frame with a folding mechanism from Fiido X has stepped up its game. With a testing process that reaches twice the strength set by the EN15194 standard, the new frame is stronger than ever. Still, commuters get to collapse it down and fit it in a car trunk or in public transport, enjoying Fiido X's unmatched flexibility.
Game-changing Security System
You don't need any keys to unlock the bike. As for the thieves? Well, they will never unlock the bike electric power without the code due to the power being cut, making the theft effectively pointless.

Technical Specifications

Electric System  Fiido System Fiido System
Battery  417.6Wh 417.6Wh
Battery Brand  DMEGC 18650  DMEGC 18650 
Battery Cycle Times  800 times  800 times 
Charging Time 7 hours 7 hours
Operating Temperature -10°50°  -10°50° 
Security System  Fiido Security System  Fiido Security System 
Display  LED with USB Charging Port LED with USB Charging Port
Sensor Torque Sensor Torque Sensor
Max speed 15.5MPH(25KM/h)  19.2MPH(32KM/h)
Gear System Shimano 7 Speed Shimano 7 Speed
Motor  250W Brushless Geared Motor 350W Brushless Geared Motor
Power Assisted Range  130KM / 80.7Miles 110KM / 68Miles
Brake System Hydraulic Brake Hydraulic Brake
Frame Material Magnesium Alloy  Magnesium Alloy 
Net weight  19.8KG(43LB)  19.8KG(43LB) 
Maximum load  120KG(264.8LB)  120KG(264.8LB) 
Input Voltage 100~240V  100~240V 
Crank  52T 52T
Tire Size 20''*1.95 inch  20'' *1.95 inch 
Fold Size 794*350*803mm 794*350*803mm
Bicycle Size   1490*587*1070mm 1490*587*1070mm



- Featured On -

The best-looking e-bike I have tested over the past few years.

Matthew Miller - 11 Nov, 2022

Ce modèle nous a étonné plus d’une fois. On vous explique comment il est passé de « monsieur tout le monde » à « tout le monde le veut ».

Hippolyte Semin - 8 Nov, 2022

Das Fiido X sieht auf den ersten Blick anders als gewohnte Falt-E-Bikes aus. Gut so! Noch besser: Der extravagante Rahmen schafft trotz seiner ruhmlosen Vergangenheit Vertrauen, ebenso die Scharniere und Sicherungen.

Michael Knott - 8 Nov, 2022

This is a bike that stands out from the crowd.

Jim Martin - 3 Nov, 2022

The Fiido X is definitely one of the most innovative folding e-bikes out there. You' ve got to see this one in action.

Micah Toll, Electrek - 26 Oct, 2021

Una E-bike pieghevole che vi farà innamorare sin dal primo giro, che inoltre si può fare appena la togliete dalla scatola.

Aurelio Vindigni Ricca - 11 Oct, 2022

E se há que destacar uma bicicleta elétrica perfeita para cidade, é incontornável falar da nova Fiido X.

Bruno Coelho - 21 Oct, 2022

Fiido responded very quickly to user reports, developed and tested solutions and rolled out updated ebikes to affected riders.

Paul Ridden - 31 Oct, 2022

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Micah -
Most Innovative Battery Yet!
The Fiido X is definitely one of the most innovative folding e-bikes out there. You' ve got to see this one in action.

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Fiido X
User Manual
Open Spanner
Allen Key

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Beuty on the wheels

It was bumpy launch for X V2 untill this bike ended in our hands.Besides loving this bike I must say huge thanks for whole Fiido team for being responsible and not letting down thousands of Indiegogo backers.V1 has little misfortune for Fiido company as due to frame hinge issues they had to recall it.
New V2 came clearly with improved frame structure and added few more options on drive and power distribution as well as gear shifting.
Respect for whole Fiido team and sincere thanks.A.T

Georgi A.

Amazing bike

Cormac M.
Great bike

Fits in the boot/trunk. Flattens hills. Doesn't look like a drug dealers or old persons bike. Love it.